AS/400 (IBM)


The AS/400 (SystemI, I Series) was first introduced by IBM on June 20th, 1988.  The AS/400 – is a midrange server designed for small businesses and departments in large enterprises.

SysComData is technical experts that deliver IBM(AS/400) solutions to customers.  In addition, SysComData specializes in comprehensive integrated solutions. The company integrates its range of professional products and services for AS/400  and products required by computing infrastructure.

  • Expert Consulting Services
  • Database administration, design and configuration
  • Data transfer and migration
  • System utilities
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security
  • Troubleshooting, as well as backup and data recovery.
  • Software development on all AS/400 proprietary programming languages.(RPG, Cobol, CL, SQL DB2)

Installation, upgrades, and maintenance of all phases of an AS400 Database Servers CISC and RISC server environment, including hardware, operating systems, third-party software, network connectivity, and system security and backup.

IBM – Learn more about System I

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